La Citadelle de Diamant US Launch

La Citadelle de Diamant US Launch

The new and exciting winery that has launched its brand in Israel is the La Citadelle de Diamant, a winery specializing in Israeli-French style Rosé wine. The winery, that replaced Titora Winery in Kfar Ruth, is owned and operated by the Israeli-French businessman Laurent Emsellem.

Marius - 2015
Caesar - 2014

The Winery creates a French style Rosé that is a pale, clear and extremely mineral wine. The French Rosé winemaking method uses fully ripe grapes, without residual sugar, which creates floral elegant light wine with a great soothing flavor.

The winery also focuses on Grenache and Cinsault grape varieties, the same ones used for Rosé wines in southern France. For future local winemaking by the La Citadelle de Diamant winery, Grenache and Cinsault vineyards will be planted right after the Jewish New Year in the Ramat Golan area.

The winery has already launched a couple of Rosé wines, Mademoiselle 2015 and Fanny 2015:

Madmoiselle - 2015

The exciting new grape varietals are picked at sunrise and delivered to cooling tanks in a 12kg crates. After the grapes reach the optimal temperature, they are pressed by a quality, anti-oxidization press. After the delicate extraction, the juice is separated from the peel and fermented just like white wine in a low chilling temperature, that’s how you reach the light pink color of the Rosé. The wine is kept for deep freezing in small containers, the last stop before creating the optimal wine blend.

The wines are distributed by Sommelier Jessy Bodek and available in Specialty Wine stores, Restaurants and the winery.